About Us

LLA COPENHAGEN is a Danish company whose talent and expertise have made it a well-known name on the leather goods and fashion market. Its keywords are innovation, constant change, fashion consciousness and trendiness. In fact, over the years, the brand has successfully carved out a niche for itself as one of the leading names in the Danish leather goods and accessible luxury markets.


LLA's most important task is to create high quality luxury leather accessories to the best available market price. 
In the beginning of December 2015 we went looking for some exclusive leather iPhone cases for a christmas present to an optimal price, acceptable quality and a good looking design - without any luck. We were extremely frustrated by the fact, that it was impossible to find an exclusive leather accessory which meet our requirements. 

After several months of intense research and work, regarding the leather accessory market, we decided to co-found LLA because of two reasons:
First and foremost, we are very dedicated and passionate about high-end quality products and fine leathers. However, we are also very aware of the correlation between product and price. Since we weren't able to find any stores selling quality leather accessories within reasonable prices, we established LLA COPENHAGEN.
LLA was created with the customer's need in mind, which is why we constantly strive to listen to our customers. Furthermore, LLA is the only exclusive supplier of luxury leather accessories in Denmark, which we take great pride in. Therefore, we are extremely committed to ensure the exclusive quality of our products. 
LLA’s products makes it possbile for you to be unique. By stylizing your phone with our unique exotic leathers, no one else would have the exact same accessory as you, as a matter of fact every single pattern is different from one another. 
Secondly, let us ask you the following three questions:
1. Do you like guaranteed high-end quality products?
2. Do you like recieving what you paid for, and then some more?
3. Do you like fast shipping?
If you can answer yes to these three questions, then you should definitly try out our products!


LLACOPENHAGEN.DK Is the official online store. 

LLACOPENHAGEN.DK is subjected to Danish legislation and is registered in Denmark at the following address:

 P. M. Møllers Vej 4, 3460 Birkerød, Danmark

LLA Copenhagen

CVR-nr.: 38882783



Email: support@llacopenhagen.dk

Phone: +45 53 38 55 87 (8-18) 

Our customer support team is ready to answer your questions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Usually we respond within 30 minutes.

You can find the contact formula under "Contact Us"

Opening hours for calling our phone: 8-18